Get Peace of Mind in Few Easy Steps

Download Aran App & Sign up

  • Go to App Store or Play store type “Aran Lock” and click Install.
  • Open the app > Sign up using the required information “Note: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number”
  • After you enter the OTP, you will receive an e-mail verification. Click on the link in your mailbox to complete the verification.

    Register the Lock & Configure Admin Fingerprint

  • Unbox the lock & scan the QR code behind the box.
  • Follow steps 1 and 2 (change the username and password in your hotspot settings)
  • Pick the lock & press the “side button” twice, you will see a blue light blinking.
    Wait for the blue light to stabilise, tap on connect via hotspot and setup the admin name & register the admin fingerprint
    Note: Your Admin Fingerprint & App login is the MASTER KEY of Aran Lock
  • Place your fingerprint thrice and you will see a green light indication once it is registered successfully.
  • Now go to settings > mobile hotspot settings > configure your default hotspot name & password

    Configure Home/Office Wi-Fi network

  • Go to menu> click on settings >click Wi-Fi router settings
  • Enter the username and password of your WiFi/Router
    Note: Once done, you can turn off the hotspot and connect the device to your home/office WiFi
    Important: WiFi range may not be as effective as other devices due to steal body, please keep the lock closer to the router.
    “Note: Once all the process is done, please change your mobile hotspot to the same credentials for the next successful connection”

Remote unlock from anywhere anytime

Note: Lock should be connected with home/office Wi-Fi to perform remote unlock

  • Ask the visitor to press the side button thrice.
  • Go to the home screen and click the Wi-Fi icon and click on the unlock option.

Add Contacts to get Tampering Alerts

Click on the account icon and go to impact alert contacts > Choose primary phone numbers you want alerts & save.